Cedar Roof Cleaning Maryland

Scheduled Cedar Roof Cleanings are essential to maintaining a cedar shake roof.  Cedar roofs need to remain free of dirt and debris so they can breath and dry out after a rain.  When left untouched, organic material and bacteria will collect in between the cedar shakes causing the roof to retain moisture.  This creates the perfect environment for algae and fungus to develop and grow.  The algae and fungus (often in the form of moss and lichen) not only deteriorate the roof, they also cause the roof to retain even more moisture and develop wood rot.

We offer two options for Cedar Roof Cleaning which hinge on the condition of the cedar roof and the customers budget.

Option 1 is our Soft-Wash cleaning process.  With this process we use a proprietary blend of algaecides and surfactants to eradicate the bacteria and fungus.  This entire process is done from ladders placed at the roofs edge.  We apply our cedar cleaning chemical and follow afterwards with a rinse utilizing less than 100psi of pressure.  Our Soft-Wash process provides excellent results but heavily infested cedar roofs will take a little time before all the fungus completely washes off with the rain.

Option 2 is our Low-Pressure cleaning process.  With our Low-Pressure wash, we clean the cedar roof just as we would clean a deck.  We start off by applying a sodium percarbonate solution and allow it to dwell.  We follow that up with a low-pressure wash of 400-600psi.  This can be much more labor intensive than our soft-wash process because we will be physically washing over every shingle on the roof.

The benefit of option 2 is that not only is all the fungus and bacteria completely removed, but so is all of the greying dead wood fiber, leaving the cedar roof looking brand new.  Customers that choose option 2 are often interested in having an oil treatment applied afterwards to add color and preserve the cedar shingles.

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