Got a Dirty Roof? Black Streaks?  If you’re thinking about replacing the roof on your home or business because of the streaks, then think again.
Chesapeake Hydro-Wash provides a Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning service that will restore your roof to its original appearance. Our non pressure roof cleaning process provides same day results, adding instant curb appeal and value to your property.

Are you wondering what the black streaks are on your roof?

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Pollution, tree sap and jet exhaust are the first things people think of when they see staining on their roof. Many are surprised to find that virtually all roof staining and discoloration is organic matter in various stages of growth and decay. Algae, mold, mildew, lichen, and moss are the main culprits.

The black roof streaks you see are actually algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae spreads itself by unseen microscopic spores, just like a dandelion weed. Its spores are airborne and lie dormant until they land on a hospitable environment with moisture and a food source…and guess what that food source is? Your roof. Shingles made today contain massive amounts of food that algae love to eat – that food being limestone. Yes, it is actually eating your roof. In most cases the algae will take root on the north or west facing roof surface or any area of the roof that is subject to limited sunlight. This lack of sunlight allows the roof surface to remain wet longer, providing a perfect environment for the algae to grow.

This eventually leads to extensive shingle damage and the need for early replacement, costing you thousands. Don’t worry, We have the solution!!!

We provide a NON PRESSURE chemical application that removes the roof damaging algae, safely and effectively. Our cleaning process follows the guidelines set by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association, and is the same method taught by leading Exterior Cleaning Organizations.

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All our complete Roof Cleanings come with our exclusive 5 Year Streak Free Warranty. We also offer a maintenance program to keep your roof looking new for the remainder of its life.

Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s Roof Cleaning Process

Chesapeake Hydro-Wash can make your roof look new again, while extending the life of your shingles.

Our roof cleaning process begins when our certified technicians arrive at your home. They will carefully inspect your roof’s condition, assess the surrounding landscape and check for any obstacles in the work area. As our proprietary blend of algaecides and surfactants are being mixed, technicians will begin setting up ladders and installing bags on gutter downspouts. These bags will capture any roof treatment solution runoff, so it can be diluted and disposed of away from the landscaping.

It’s now time to apply the first coat of our roof cleaning solution.  This coat will be applied to the heaviest of stains.  Often the entire north facing side will be treated as well as visible algae on other areas of the roof.  As the lead technician applies this first coat using fine nozzles to carefully control the spray patterns,  the ground technicians will be rinsing the adjacent landscaping of any over-spray.  Keeping plants rinsed of over-spray is very important during the cleaning process.  The first treatment will be allowed to dwell for 10-15 minutes.

After the dwell, it’s time for the second coat.  At this time, the entire roof will be treated to ensure 100% of all algae and fungus are eliminated.  Just as with the first coat, the ground technicians will continue to rinse adjacent landscaping.  As the second coat is applied, the algae and discoloration will begin to disappear.  If you happen to be watching our roof cleaning process, this is when you will really begin to notice results.  We guarantee you will be amazed by the instant same day results!

Again, our cleaning solution will be allowed to dwell for 10-15 minutes.  Now it’s time for the final coat to be applied. The entire roof will be treated again, providing a uniform finish for curb appeal and a guaranteed removal of all algae, mold, and mildew. Moss or lichen may still be noticeable at this point but rest assured that all fungus infested areas have been treated and will rinse clean with a few hard rains.

Now that the roof cleaning is completed, the crew will begin to pack up.  At this time gutters will be flushed to remove any remaining cleaning solution, and landscaping surrounding downspouts will be watered. Crew members will remove any bags that were attached to the downspouts and the captured solution will be thoroughly diluted.

All complete Roof Cleanings are backed by our  5 Year Streak Free Warranty.

Our non pressure cleaning process is fully approved by all shingles manufacturers including ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) and is recommended by all insurance companies. Roof cleaning is now considered regular home maintenance, and insurance companies are refusing to renew home owners policies on homes with dirty roofs.

We never use high pressure for any part of our roof cleaning process.  Pressure washing (low- or high-pressure) is never recommended. The use of high pressure will not only damage your roof, but will also void any existing warranty that the shingles may have. Even LOW PRESSURE is too much pressure.  Just remember…..No pressure / No Damage.

Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s 5 year Streak-Free Warranty

Maryland Roof Cleaning Warranty DelawareChesapeake Hydro-Wash will provide the necessary service to maintain a streak-free absence of dark molds and mildews from the clients roof for a period of 24 months from the original date of cleaning.

For years 3 through 4, Chesapeake Hydro-Wash will treat entire roof for recurring dark molds or mildews with the customer paying 50% of the original quoted price, before discounts.

For year 5, Chesapeake Hydro-Wash will treat entire roof for recurring dark molds or mildews with the customer paying 75% of the original quoted price, before discounts. An entire re-treatment will be prorated against the original quoted price of the roof cleaning from the original date of cleaning.

Chesapeake Hydro-Wash reserves the right to courtesy treat small insignificant areas at the customer’s request at a time preferable to Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s scheduling.  Chesapeake Hydro-Wash also reserves the right to discontinue any and all courtesy treatments.

This warranty covers asphalt/fiberglass shingle, slate, asbestos and composite roofs that are of the proper pitch with no water pooling on the roofs surface.

Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s roof cleaning process is safe for your roof. If any damage is caused to your roof by our personnel, or our process or the chemicals in our process, Chesapeake Hydro-Wash will repair or replace your roof, at its option. Furthermore, if Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s process and/or chemicals void the manufacturer’s warranties on your roof, then Chesapeake Hydro-Wash will repair or replace your roof in accordance with the terms and conditions of the roofing manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, if the re-occurrence of dark molds and mildews during Chesapeake Hydro-Wash’s 5-year streak-free warranty period cause proven damage to the customer’s roof, Chesapeake Hydro-Wash will repair or replace your roof at their option.

This warranty does not cover new or replacement roofing not originally treated by Chesapeake Hydro-Wash, areas under or around roof-mounted apparatus or Acts of God determined by local area. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the roof free from debris, as well as tree limbs trimmed away at least eight feet from the roof surface. This streak-free warranty is transferable to the new owner of the property.


We also offer a Cedar Roof Cleaning Service

Cedar Roof Cleaning Maryland

Scheduled Cedar Roof Cleanings are essential to maintaining a cedar shake roof.  Cedar roofs need to remain free of dirt and debris so they can breath and dry out after a rain.  When left untouched, organic material and bacteria will collect in between the cedar shakes causing the roof to retain moisture.  This creates the perfect environment for algae and fungus to develop and grow.  The algae and fungus (often in the form of moss and lichen) not only deteriorate the roof, they also cause the roof to retain even more moisture and develop wood rot.

We offer two options for Cedar Roof Cleaning which hinge on the condition of the cedar roof and the customers budget.

Option 1 is our Soft-Wash cleaning process.  With this process we use a proprietary blend of algaecides and surfactants to eradicate the bacteria and fungus.  This entire process is done from ladders placed at the roofs edge.  We apply our cedar cleaning chemical and follow afterwards with a rinse utilizing less than 100psi of pressure.  Our Soft-Wash process provides excellent results but heavily infested cedar roofs will take a little time before all the fungus completely washes off with the rain.

Option 2 is our Low-Pressure cleaning process.  With our Low-Pressure wash, we clean the cedar roof just as we would clean a deck.  We start off by applying a sodium percarbonate solution and allow it to dwell.  We follow that up with a low-pressure wash of 400-600psi.  This can be much more labor intensive than our soft-wash process because we will be physically washing over every shingle on the roof.

The benefit of option 2 is that not only is all the fungus and bacteria completely removed, but so is all of the greying dead wood fiber, leaving the cedar roof looking brand new.  Customers that choose option 2 are often interested in having an oil treatment applied afterwards to add color and preserve the cedar shingles.


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