Chesapeake Hydro-Wash proudly serves the Salisbury Maryland area with our Safe Non Pressure Roof Cleaning service.  In addition to Roof Cleaning, we offer Low Pressure House Washing, Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, and Window Cleaning to the residents of Salisbury.  We utilize a Soft-Wash cleaning process that safely cleans and removes algae, mold and mildew from your home’s siding, fascia, gutter exterior, and shingles.  The entire process is done at less than 100psi as compared to conventional high pressure washing at 3500psi.   Remember….No Pressure = No Damage! 

Don’t let your home’s curb appeal suffer any longer.  Give us a call for a home makeover.  We are Maryland’s #1 Roof and Exterior Cleaning Company and have been serving Salisbury Maryland residents since 2001.

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